NFT Photo Journal #04

10/10 NFT Photography on Objkt

As the heatwaves are making life a bit harder this summer, almost every conversation can be easily turned into a climate change debate, in which we are apparently all part of the same team. But who shall we blame or which actions should we take? That’s when the conversation will crumble like a tower of cards.

Somehow, it seems that we can deposit this responsibility over the bad guy of choice. And of course, crypto is currently one of the favorite candidates (together with your AC 👀).

Tezos chain is currently the leading and most promising hope for a sustainable crypto art/NFT market. But beware, because the expiration date of some web3 promises may be too short and things move fast. Last week, Meta-owned Instagram announced that Flow will be added to their supported blockchains for posting NFTs, and this makes Flow the most efficient chain integrated by the platform so far: “Minting an NFT on Flow takes less energy than a Google search or Instagram post”, stated Flow earlier in February. At the same time, Ethereum will be moving into proof-of-stake in mid-September, so the energy consumption of transactions made on this Ethereum 2 will decrease by about 99,95%

It looks like in 2023 we’ll have a cooler Solana summer! But wait. Because there’s still a long winter ahead and it’s always a good idea to get a bit more involved in the solution. Sorry in advance:

Estimated CO2 emissions per activity

Performing 1 Google search1 to 10 g
Minting 1 NFT on Tezos0,08 to 0,10 g
Minting 1 NFT on Ethereum 183 to 138 Kg
Minting 1 NFT on Ethereum 241,50 to 69 g
Minting 1 NFT on Flow0,10 to 0,20 g
Riding a Tesla model 381 g/Km
Having a refrigerator on94 to 328 g/hr
Using the AC520 g/hr to 3,25 Kg/hr
Using a laptop or desktop computer52 to 234 g/hr
Fonts: too many. DYOR and please correct me if I’m wrong <3


The recent environmentalist attack to the Mona Lisa had nothing to do with crypto art (because it was sold for the last time in fiat, that appears to be clean…).

None of this information is environmental advice.

10/10 NFT Photography on Objkt

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