Laura Abad Photography

With this ACCESS NFT* Photography collection, carefully curated and representing very special moments and places, I honor 40 years I lived in Uruguay before moving to Barcelona.

40 Cloudy Years on OpenSea

* 40 ACCESS NFTs 🔑 Each collector of #40CloudyYears will have exclusive access to my private Discord to share and discuss ideas about my upcoming projects. I truly love sharing with people that make my artworks part of their stories

Shot along the last five years, mostly by the shore of wide and moody Río de la Plata, some of these pieces have been part of her first solo exhibitions, in 2017.

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At first, these mobile photos where small pieces of inspiration she used to capture between assignments while she was working as a fashion and portrait photographer, in order to stay connected with the freedom of taking photos just for the joy of it. But suddenly they turned into something so meaningful that they totally changed Laura’s motivation and perspective.

These 40 unique moments that passed, yet remain as eternal inspiration, the strongest shelters, unconditional meditation anchors.

Past Exhibitions

Cielos Temperamentales de Montevideo – Solo Exhibiion, Hyatt Hotel Montevideo, April 2017

Atmósfera Uruguay – Solo Exhibition – Carrasco International Airport, September 2017

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