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Laura Abad, Photographer & AI ArtistBorn and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, I founded my studio in 2009. Currently, I am based in Barcelona, where I have been working since 2023.

Barcelona’s unique blend of tradition and innovation provided the perfect backdrop for my work, reflecting my approach to blending photography and marketing. Over the past decade, this blend has been the cornerstone of my career, allowing me to develop a unique mix that combines visual storytelling with brand growth.

My journey into professional photography began fifteen years ago, focusing on the world of fashion and portrait photography. At the same time, I embarked on a marketing career, dedicating myself to deeply understanding and leveraging every aspect of the field. This dedication led me to specialize in social media and content, particularly due to my fascination with content’s crucial role in all marketing strategies. This path has been marked by a deep commitment to narratives that not only engage but resonate on a profound level with audiences.

In my studio, Im dedicated to helping brands in creating their unique visual and narrative identity, turning their vision into impactful images.


As an artist, my career is rich and varied, exploring the fields of art direction and cinematography (Postgraduate diploma by CLAEH University Uruguay), and engaging with a diverse array of mediums such as photography, watercolor, and the innovative domain of synthography (AI). This exploration has led me to the creation of limited edition large-scale prints, exhibited in prestigious venues and in partnership with international brands.

Rooted in a family photo archive that spans over 70 years, and fueled by a permanent curiosity for new technologies and mediums of expression, my work engages in a dialogue between nature’s raw beauty and the latest digital innovations.

This constant learning and adaptability enables me to capture images that truly make a statement. My narrative, deeply anchored in tradition yet eagerly looking forward, defines my approach to the craft. It’s a reflection of a career built on merging the timeless with the cutting-edge, driven by a commitment to authenticity, excellence, and innovation.


I believe that a powerful portrait emerges from understanding human connection.

Taking the time to immerse in the necessary abstraction and decode an individual’s transcendental beauty is my technique to achieve a powerful portrait.

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