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I’m a portrait photographer and digital marketer from Montevideo, based in Barcelona.

I’ve worked for the fashion and music industries for a decade, but since 2017 I’m focused on fine art photography, exploring deeper layers of human beauty in the complexity of body language, aware of the power of full presence.


Solo exhibitions

“Atmósfera Uruguay” was commissioned to my by Samsung to present their new 65″ QLed TVs to the market. The exhibition at the International Airport of Montevideo featured my artworks both printed photography and video loops on large-scale led screens.

Photography and videoart exhibition at Aeropuerto de Montevideo

A special selection of Atmósfera Uruguay artworks was also exhibited in the main lobby of Hyatt Hotel Montevideo during 2017.

Photography exhibition – Hyatt Montevideo

Between 2018 and 2019, the exhibition Giovanna was featured along the 4 floors of the historic Teatro Solís of Montevideo.

Photography exhibition – Teatro Solís

(2008 to 2019)

Collaboration with Jamie Hewlett – Gorillaz Concert in Montevideo, 2017

Fashion Editorial
Corporate Portrait
Artist Portrait


After some time of introspection searching for my own artistic style and purpose, this digital art renaissance occurring thanks to blockchain technology made all the pieces fall into place.

The whole journey was more about taking out what’s not necessary, and the first proof of this is the re-edition of Giovanna: Undressing Giovanna.

This genesis collection of 15 1/1 NFT portrait photography pieces are available on Sloika marketplace.


Since my first memories, my mother was registering every special event, and even all daily activities in photos, sometimes also writing comments on them. Photography was an important tool for her, especially for showing off all my childhood to every new friend coming to my house.

Growing up with photography
Growing up with photography

When I was 16 I came to see a book of Mario Marotta mixing photography and painting, and it blew my mind. But -plot twist- my mother almost prohibited me to study photography. So I kind of secretly taught myself until I was offered my first job as a fashion photographer.

I worked about 5 years for fashion magazines and brands, and at the same time as a portrait photographer shooting a hall of fame collection of artists coming to play at one of the most important concert venues in Montevideo.

But I still had that photo + painting artworks on my mind.

So in 2017 I made my first experiments in that sense, and I ended up producing my first solo exhibition, featuring large scale artworks that mix photography, watercolor and video: Atmósfera Uruguay. One year later Giovanna happened, and it was a color explosion.

I’m constantly curious about new dimensions of visual expression, and how they can unlock my creative impulses. Of course, lately I’m in love with the crypto art movement.

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